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Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

The rheumatoid arthritis is known and characterized for its persistent pain and physical limitations. The immune system of the body attacks its own joints with full force. For some unknown reason, a lot of blood cells - including the T cells, (which play a major role in the body's immune system)are penetrating into the cavities of the wrist. This begins a series of chemical reactions that are leading to inflammation of the joint. Synovial cells may begin to multiply uncontrollably, forming a tumor mass of tissue called a pannus. Pannus, in turn, produces destructive enzymes that are destroying the cartilage. Rheumatoid arthritis treatment in this situation is in dispensable and extra collagen is needed. Preventing the extension of the pannus it’s a priority for the organism.

In a worst-casescenario, it could leadto amerging ofthe surfaces (of bones), which can be the cause of limited mobility - and enormous pain. This destructive process also weakens the ligaments, tendons, and muscles, and joints, therefore,the joints become unstable and partially double-jointed,which oftenresults in a deformed appearance. Rheumatic arthritis usually affects the joints in a symmetrical order, hitting wrists, knees, and feet. More than 50 percent of the people diagnosed with rheumaticarthritis are experiencing an occurrence of lumps under the skin.It is accompanied by fatigue and flu-like symptoms, including fever and muscle aches, so treatmentis essential.

When can Collagen Be Used as A Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment?

Swollen Joints Treatment

Difficulties in mobility can be caused by a knee,elbow, finger joints and hips problems. Rheumatoid arthritis can affect all the joints in the body or (more frequently)some of them. However, reduction and prevention of this arthritisare possible by intaking marine collagen in a form of dietary supplement.

  • It directly affects the regeneration of cartilage tissue and pivot
  • Managed mobility in the joints
  • It promotes the growth of the cartilage tissue
  • Rebuilds and strengthens the health of joints and ligaments
  • It promotes the development of the joints.

Tendon Recovery

Inflammation of the joints due to rheumatoid arthritis can lead up to damaged tendons. So, given that the collagen makes up most of the proteins in the tendons, muscles, and ligaments, it is obvious that any nutritional intervention in order to recover the above mentioned ( tendons, muscles, ligaments) should be directed towards increasing the collagen protein (in a form of supplement). Тhis treatment will reduce the pain and it can significantly improve the functioning of the joints.


Joint Deformity Treatment

When a deformity occurs, sometimes it is necessary for the patient to undergo a corrective surgery in order to improve the functioning of the bones and joints. However, as prevention, the collagen acts as a tool for reduction of the disease. The cartilage is the main carrier in sustaining the mobility of joints and bones. If we take into account its mechanical properties, they represent a response to the friction that occurs during movement and activity.

The collagen lubricates the joints and cartilage and prevents more serious friction. If a collagen deficit is present in the body it must be compensated in an oral way in order to stop new deformities occurring or possibly preventing the progression of already existing one.

According to scientific researches, the marine collagen is effective for reducing joint swelling and pain that comes from rheumatoid arthritis and possibly preventing expansion of the disease.

There are many types of treatment from rheumatoid arthritis. In particular, the marine collagen can be just as good, as any specific medicament given by doctors for specific individuals, therefore, a rheumatic arthritis treatment cannot exist without collagen and its attributes.