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Professional and Natural Skincare for the Most Demanding. Stay young and beautiful!!! We offer the highest quality natural wild caught salmon collagen products that actually work. It is our pleasure to share our experience with You.

We are pleased to bring you Salcoll Collagen product line. We know that it will meet your highest expectations and become an indispensable part of your skin care regimen. All products are dermatologically tested and are hypoallergenic. Salcoll Collagen delivers to the skin all it needs to ensure its reconstruction and correct function.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein of the connective tissue, which makes up about 30% of the body's protein. Collagen is the main biopolymer for living beings. This fibrous protein of the connective tissue comprises 70% of the skin and is necessary element of the human skeleton. It's unique physical and chemical features ensure the transfer of forces from sinews and maintain the appropriate firmness and flexibility of the skin. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, forming strong sheets and cables that support the structure of the skin, internal organs, cartilage and bones, as well as all the connective tissue in between. At the molar mass of 102,000 grams per mole, collagen is an extremely large protein, consisting of thousands of atoms. Its three dimensional structure consists of thickly woven fibrils that wrap around into a triple helix conformation. This structural support is what makes skin thick plump, and elastic.

Collagen and aging process.

What is happening that makes your skin look older? It loses its elasticity, it becomes thin; it forms wrinkles; it loses its smooth finish. What explains this? Skin is made up of proteins that support its cellular structure. At the deepest molecular level the proteins that connect skin cells diminish in quantity and become thin. After the age of 25, the biological processes that make these proteins can no longer produce them in abundance as they once did and the proteins are not as thick and long as they once were. As the effects of aging are due to improper protein production, this preparation is the first to fight directly with the cause of aging, not just the effects. Since stifling protein breakdown is the only way to prevent aging, reinforcing protein configurations is the most effective means to that end.

Multifactorial applications include the following:

  • Preventing further wrinkles from forming.
  • Supplementing diminished collagen levels.
  • Stimulating collagen producing cells to its renewed activity.

Although many products claim to contain collagen as an ingredient, the quality and purity of it are tentative (most products contain 1.5%). What makes Salcoll Collagen special is the patented purification process that yields a 98% pure collagen product that remains biologically active. It remains alive so that it can biologically mend with the skin's incomplete proteins in order to regain the structural backing that it once had.

Why Salcoll Collagen?

Often times, products that promise anti-aging benefits are actually making us look older in the long term. They are simply a way of delaying the inevitable. As we get older, many of our skin's properties change. The skin becomes thinner, less elastic, and less firm. Such characteristics are more commonly known as the signs of aging. As the signs of aging are attributed to many causes, they have resulted in myriad of anti-aging products, each devoted to fighting a single believed cause or effect. Many products wrestle with oxidation reactions, which are known to damage cells, making them replicate imprecisely. Antioxidants ( vitamins ) in this case, shield cells from the damaging effects of exposure, known as free radical damage. Other products strip the outer layer of the skin to expose a " fresh " new layer, which appears smoother and healthier but provides no lasting benefit. Still, most products work by way of a chemical reaction that causes the skin to contract and tighten up, which in turn diminishes the visibility of existing wrinkles, but offers a less than feasible solution for many reasons. Such artificially induced chemical reactions can cause more harm than good. As the skin is artificially contracted, it actually becomes looser once the effects wear off or once the individual discontinues treatment all together. And if they continue treatment, they will gradually have to increase the dosage, or buy a more expensive product to achieve the same effect. It works like a drug. The reason Salcoll Collagen poses no such risk is that it does not "trick" skin cells into thinking that they no longer have to work for themselves. Artificially tightening the skin basically tells your reconstructive cells that their job is done, and they can stop working. And that's exactly what happens. Collagen however, doesn't just heighten diminished collagen levels; it works alongside the biological processes that link collagen proteins together, making your own processes work better. Biochemically active.

Salcoll Collagen Beauty Line is a anti-aging treatment based on natural salmon collagen. It is the only available collagen preparation that is pure, bio-active and 100% natural with no preservatives. Clinical results can be assessed after several minutes of application due to the power of its biochemical activity. Long term results occur along the lines of prevention and reconstruction, as Salcoll Collagen restores the elasticity required to defend against the formation of wrinkles and imperfections in the skin. At great variance to anti aging products today this anti aging product is the first to successfully target the cause of aging, not just the effects.

Best Rated Skin Care Products Today!

It is difficult to obtain concentration of collagen larger than 15%. Our propriety chemical process renders a 98% pure collagen preparation without compromising its biochemical activity, which makes strong case for itself. This contributing factor alone makes Salcoll Collagen among the most powerful anti aging products available today. Second, collagen is the a really fragile molecule, making it difficult to extract without killing the properties that create the “chemical handles” that tightly bind to the collagen protein configurations in the epidermal layers of the skin. Key to the efficacy of the product, the proprietary process of extraction substantiated through 16 years of research and development is preemptive and exclusive to the official Salcoll Collagen Trade Mark. The difference between active collagen and inactive one is the difference between night and day. As active collagen is fragile molecule, it doesn’t remain active at the room temperature. Only special processes (not utilized by any other product) can allow this to happen. There are about 15 different types of collagen, and yet only a couple is capable of binding to the proteins in your skin (type II and III). Once again, this is difficult to isolate.

The difficulty involved with our propriety processes are what make Salcoll Collagen truly a product of its own; it is a trade secret, marked by a major milestone in a collagen research. 98% collagen concentration is unachievable elsewhere. (Collagen makes up only 1.5% in other products that claim collagen as an ingredient; 15% is the highest obtainable concentration). The powerful, biologically active collagen has chemical handles that bind to and reinforce existing protein configurations in the skin. It’s the world’s best collagen preparation. Provides immediate results within minutes, long term results over the years.

About Salmon Collagen:-

Salmon Collagen Fish Powder.

There are several key factors setting Salmon Collagen apart from hundreds of collagen products currently on the market:

  • No chemicals were used in the extraction process.
  • Our collagen is 100% natural, kosher certified and of the highest purity in the world. Prepared with Salmon Fish Skin, a top-quality ecological resource.
  • It is non-animal origin, which makes it much more absorbable by the human body and completely safe.
  • Our patented process preserves the collagen triple helix, allowing it to remain bioactive and have a one of kind anti-aging effect on our body.
  • Salmon Collagen is a lyophilized collagen, which ensures top nourishing quality by retaining a full range of valuable, natural ingredients. When the compound is dried directly in its frozen state, the degradation of amino acids that make up the collagen molecules does not occur. This allows the collagen to retain its active, biological form without losing any valuable properties. Lyophilized collagen is 100% microbiologically safe and maintains a high level of dehydration. Collagen remains active even during the last stage of its action – when it is absorbed by body tissues. As a result, it retains biological, vital energy, which is the most important feature for the human body. It is the only collagen that stimulates cells to produce more of our own collagen.


Even though collagen is commonly associated with the skin and its elasticity, it is the basic component of the connective tissue. Collagen forms joints, bones, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, intervertebral discs, teeth, eyeball, hair, nails among others. After the age of 25, the production of young collagen slows down, resulting in appearance of first wrinkles and lines. With age, the process of collagen destruction starts to predominate over its regeneration. The body begins to age distinctly as it lacks the structural component necessary to repair ongoing damages. Thanks to its valuable features and extremely important function, collagen is continuously the focus of attention of doctors, biologists, and cosmetologists.

Collagen deficiencies can be supplemented by Salmon Collagen whose main ingredient is lyophilized tropocollagen derived from salmon fish skin, which includes alpha-1 and alpha-2 chains almost identical to those found in humans. It provides the body with free amino acids and takes an active part in cell regeneration.

Up to now collagen was mainly obtained from pig or cow skins, which is dangerous due to the risk of disease transfer like BSE or allergies. According to S. Ghayourmanesh, Ph.D. ”Traditional process of extraction call for hydrolization, which basically means the raw material (typically animal bones) is submerged in acid or alkali solution for up to three months to allow for the collagen molecules to be extracted. It is then heated in order to turn it into a workable substance. All that brakes the collagen molecular bonds and kills it.”

Salmon Collagen:

  • Supports skin regeneration from the inside by restoring its smoothness and elasticity.
  • Slows down aging process in tissues.
  • Helps in regeneration of connective tissue.
  • Helps the body to reverse cartilage, bone, and eyeball tissue damage.
  • Assists in increasing mobility and range motion.
  • Daily usage of Salmon Collagen has been shown to reduce pain in joints, strain or collagen deficiency related diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis.
  • Helps in healing herniated and bulging discs.
  • Helps to heal osteoporosis and periodontitis.
  • Recommended for active people and those who do physical work.
  • Aids weight loss.
  • Speeds up the healing of wounds, bedsores, fractures and sprains.
  • Has protective, antibacterial and UV radiation absorbing effects.
  • Helps eliminate hyperpigmentation of the skin.