Symtoms and Prevention of Rheumatism

Everything you need about rheumatism its symptoms and why to treat it with collagen

Rheumatic issues develop gradually, with sudden interruptions and deterioration. The first symptoms of rheumatism are joint swelling due to excessive secretion of joint fluid and a sudden pain localized in the spine, hands, and feet.

There are a number of factors that responsible for the occurrence of this disease: internal causes can be streptococcal infections in the upper respiratory tract (angina), purulent foci that are the cause for distributing blood toxins to sensitive joints and bones and thereby be the reason for damaging them, chronic constipation (obstipation), disturbance in the functioning of the endocrine glands and enlarged tonsils.
 The main external causes for occurring of this unpleasant disease include cold and lengthy stays in wet or air-conditioned areas, inadequate nutrition, alcohol, cigarettes, low standard of living, hard work and physical inactivity.
When we talk about general bone diseases it must be taken into account that several types of people are more likely to suffer from rheumatism (risk groups)
• Genetic predisposition is one of the biggest risk factors,
• The people who are being described as overweighed are much more likely to experience unwanted symptoms (obese people where the joints are being burdened due to the problem with the excess weight)
• Smokers and people with impaired metabolism.
• Physically inactive or persons which are exposed to difficult activity efforts
• As well as those who have suffered serious infection issues should try to increase theirs protection measures because their bones, muscles, and joints are also prone to inflammations. Every temporary inflammation that produces symptoms of this medical issue does not mean chronic rheumatism.

2 reasons why you should treat and prevent rheumatism with Salmon Fish Skin collagen

1. (Salmon fish Skin) Collagen stimulates the synthesis of osteoblasts (the cells responsible for the formation of bone tissues) replacing the osteoclasts (the cells that are performing  resorption of the bone tissue) and thus contributes to improving the quality of bones and joints
The treatment for rheumatic issues is an ongoing lifetime process and is directed towards the elimination of focal infections, alleviation of pain and mobility training for inflamed joints. The therapy medicaments include analgesics, and antibiotics, and is applied physical therapy, spa treatments, and special exercises. However, none of these methods can’t be really helpful if the level of collagen inside the body is dangerously low. Therefore it is necessarily for a rheumatic person to have a daily intake of collagen in the form of powder as a supplement.
2. Helps and assists in neutralizing the early symptoms that rheumatic disease
The symptoms of rheumatism often are described as numbness and spasms of certain parts of the body. They emerge as a result of poor circulation, quickly tiring and increased sweating. In addition, symptoms may be fever, anemia or enlarged thyroid gland, impaired sight, accumulation of water inside the pleura and other complications.  Collagen helps to reduce joints pain and muscle tension. It mostly due to the effect of amino acids that improve circulation. 
Collagen (supplement in the form of powder) is extremely useful in the prevention and mitigation of above specified existing symptoms of arthritis, numbness, muscle injury and impairment of the immune system.
 After an intake, the collagen it is distributed to bones, muscles, and joints where it is mostly needed (for preventing any health problems). Also, it is very successfully at alleviating and even eliminating the difficulties created by osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.
In order to prevent the occurrence of rheumatism, it is also necessary to eradicate bad habits and stop the use of alcohol at all, caffeine and nicotine, to abide the regime of healthy eating (as many fresh fruits, vegetables, juices, fish and boiled ,wine meat, avoiding the rich food, especially fried pork, animal fat, cheese, and seasonings that are forming acid radicals) and a regular sleep (minimum of six hours per day).
Collagen as a type of protein cannot be self-effective, it can help only when a person is willing to reduce all or some of these bad habits that can be the cause of rheumatic issues and to adheres to a healthy way of life.