Salcoll Collagen’s Cream | Treatment For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic, non-contagious, multi-system (occupies multiple organ systems), inflammatory disorder. It is a disease caused by several factors, complex, but mainly influenced by genetic and immune-mediated factors. People with psoriasis have a genetic predisposition to the disease, which usually reflects changes on the skin of the elbows, knees, scalp, lumbosacral region (waist) etc.

Around 2-3% of the world population is affected by psoriasis. It is more common for women than men. On average psoriasis affects a group of people around 25-year-old, 10-15% of the diseased children are under 10 years of age. The reddened area which is elevated above the skin starts to peel and that leads to the appearance of several other zones that are responsible for pain, itching without fever, the existence of prior throat infection or trauma, pain in the joints (psoriatic arthritis) and etc.

Joints can also be infected and this type of psoriasis affects 30% of the people that are already diseased with it. It also tends to increase or decrease in intensity instantly, depending on environmental and systemic factors, such as stress or infection.

There are several theories about the beginnings of psoriasis (trigger factor). As for a trigger factor, we can take into consideration three scenarios such as stressful life, body infection and traumatic event. However, many patients and cannot just pinpoint the factor that began the process of psoriasis, psoriasis treatment must be defined by a doctor ordermatology expert.


The diagnosis of a skin psoriasis is usually simple and it is based on a clinical picture. The most common form of a presentation of the disease is by a chronic psoriatic plaque (lat. Psoriasis in placibus), which is characterized by clearly defined bright red plaques that are covered by silvery white chaffs on the surface.
The mechanical removal of the shell (by rubbing the surface of the lesion with a spatula) results in the appearance of tiny blood spots- called petechiae. Besides all of this, an itching sensation is more likely to occur among children than to adult patients. Such changes may occur on any part of the body, often symmetrical, especially to the head and limbs.

Treatment with Dermicoll Gel

Currently, there is no permanent cure for psoriasis. However, there are many types of treatments that can help at controlling the disease and alleviating symptoms like the treatment with marine collagen enrichedgel. Psoriasis is difficult to treat because of its reproducibility. There is a period in which the disease has stopped spreading and a period in which it recurs.

Although there is no defined method that represents a successful treatment, the purpose of psoriasis therapy is to slow down the rapid growth of skin cells and to reduce the irritation and inflammation.           

Dermicoll gel is great for psoriasis treatment for several reasons:

  • The skin sometimes for known or unknown reasons is filled up with red spots and irritations. If that is happening to you, then the salcoll collagen-Dermicoll cream not only enriched with collagen but also with Eucerin and Jojoba Oil is the salvation.
  • Dermicoll pure marine collagen gel (Natural cosmetics) restores the skin’s harmony and balance. This is accomplished without the need of chemicals or complicated ingredients and procedures.
  • The gelcomposed of collagen (Salcoll marine collagen) in conjunction with Jojoba Oil, acts against irritations, intensely reduce redness and it regenerates the s It is ideal for any skin damages caused by external influences such as the wind, the sun, pollution, or other irritations caused by chemicals.
  • Dermacoll gel is a new formula that aids the psoriasis treatment by eliminating, eczema, rash, acne and all kinds of skin diseases. It is a powerful and effective gel that overcomes the unpleasant itching sensations and acts abyssal.