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Salcoll Collagen Steroids Free, Dermicoll Marine Collagen to Aid Psoriasis Eczema Treatment, 100ml


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Dermicoll Pure Marine Collagen to Aid Psoriasis Treatment, Eczema Treatment, Pruritus, Skin Irritation & Dryness - Removes Scales, Soothes Skin, Promotes Collagen Production - Steroids Free - 100 ml

· HIGHEST POTENCY MARINE COLLAGEN – Dermicoll Gel is the only psoriasis cream/eczema cream out there that features the highest potency of all-natural, bioactive salmon collagen – Easily absorbed into human skin tissue –Free of steroids

· THREE-PRONGED SKIN TREATMENT – Along with marine collagen gel, Dermicoll contains Jojoba Oil & Eucerin to hydrate dry skin, restore skin elasticity, promote normal skin texture & profile – Three-pronged approached aids all psoriasis treatments

· ELIMINATES SCALES & FLAKES – The most worrisome aspect of skin disorders like eczema or psoriasis is the proliferation of scales – Dermicoll, with its active collagen content, helps eliminate scales easily, better & faster than any other psoriasis cream

· SOOTHES SKIN IRRITATION – While battling with skin disorders, Dermicoll also provides ample nutrition to your skin in the form of multiple vitamins & essential fatty acids – Generous deep-skin moisturization reduces skin irritation & soothes your skin

· TACKLES PRURITUS – Excessive itching sensation can be tackled using this pure marine collagen gel – It slows down aggressive skin metabolism to reduce itching – Dermicoll Collagen Gel is all natural & steroids free – Click ‘Add to Cart’ to order right away

The Best Collagen Gel to Aid Eczema & Psoriasis Treatment

Skin conditions, especially the ones like psoriasis & eczema, can be quite troublesome, painful & even embarrassing. Thousands of men & women in America suffer from these. If you’re one of them, you can take a lot of heart from the fact that these skin conditions can surely be tackled & minimized. Dermicoll Collagen Gel is a tried-and-tested aid to atopic skin treatments, including psoriasis treatment & eczema treatment. It’s all-natural & completely free of steroids.

Unique, Three-Pronged Approach

This collagen gel uses three active ingredients (our proprietary formulation) to help you get over psoriasis, eczema, pruritus & other skin problems:

Pure Salmon Collagen

- Dermicoll uses the purest salmon collagen in the highest potency available.

- Salmon collagen, in the form of easy-to-apply gel, is easily absorbed into human skin, without losing its unique ‘triple-helix’ structure & bioactivity.

- It promotes the production of natural collagen by restoring & building efficient protein network.

- It helps your skin maintain optimal hydration levels to help deal with scalp psoriasis treatment & eczema treatment.

Jojoba Oil

- Jojoba Oil is a natural emollient & contains many essential fatty acids, along with Vitamin E & Vitamin F.

- It provides ample moisturization & restores skin elasticity.


A well-known emulgent, Eucerin promotes natural skin health & sustains the activity of other active ingredients in Dermicoll.

Thousands of users suffering from eczema, psoriasis & other skin ailments have already reaped manifold skincare benefits of Dermicoll. Try it out yourself today – Click ‘Add to Cart’ to order!


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Salcoll Collagen Steroids Free, Dermicoll Marine Collagen to Aid Psoriasis Eczema Treatment, 100ml

Salcoll Collagen Steroids Free, Dermicoll Marine Collagen to Aid Psoriasis Eczema Treatment, 100ml