Why should You Choose Anti Aging Hand Cream

Slow down your aging process: 4 reasons why anti aging hand cream – product hand cream from Salcoll Collagen is the right choice

Unfortunately, the appearance of irritations and skin cracks is an inevitable process in every person’s life in particular for the women. Broken skin and other aging signs are a serious treat for the people who are trying to preserve their youthful appearance. When we face them, we begin to give strong resistance using different creams, methods, and cosmetic treatments. Often, even the most expensive creams do not guarantee to slow these cosmetic imperfections, especially because the skin quickly gets used to the cream and doesn’t always produce the corresponding results. The anti-aging hand cream – product hand cream enriched with marine collagen helps each and everyone by keeping the skin perfectly moisturized. However, it must be mentioned that it is not enough only to inflict the anti-aging cream on daily basis and simply to ignore the other factors that contribute to aging.

anti aging hand cream


How can you prevent premature skin aging?

•    With smoking cessation or simply reduction
•    By reducing the activities and affairs that cause stress
•    Consuming healthy meals on a day to day basis
•    With regular physical activity in accordance with person’s age
•    Sufficient daily intake of water
•    By avoiding fast diets that can cause serious health issues
•    By keeping regular 8 hours a sleep

Why anti aging hand cream:


Anti Aging hand cream is so effective when it comes to slowing down the aging process

1.    It reduces cracks and tightens the skin:

increased levels of Q10 in the skin prevents the process of creating cracks from within and it visibly smoothes the skin. Cream acts as an active anti-broken skin complex that effects the reduction of irritations and subcutaneous fat. At the same time, it supports and tightens the skin.
The mix of vitamins A and E, as well as appropriately amount of marine collagen are extremely beneficial cream constituents for beautiful, nourished and moisturized skin. A good cream that fights wrinkles, cracks or external wounds must be enriched with regenerative cells as it is the anti-aging hand cream from Salcoll Collagen.

2.    It contributes to an Improved skin elasticity:

The Salcoll Collagen hand cream stimulates the natural synthesis of elastin which is used to clean and keep the elasticity of the skin. Anti-aging hand cream is not just vital for the elasticity of the skin, but also for favoring the cell turnover which feeds up the tissues of the skin. Immediately after the first infliction, the skin becomes regenerated, more elastic, compact and shiny.

3.    Protects your DNA from external influences:

Anti-aging hand cream - product hand cream provides advanced protection against soothes irritations and itching sensations. It supports the natural protective function of the skin and protects it from external influences (UV rays).
The innovative manufacturing formula that contains natural creatine, marine collagen,  UVA & UVB filters stimulates the natural process of regeneration and protect the DNA from any further damage. This hypoallergenic formula has proven its effectiveness over and over again.


4.    Hand cream that is quickly absorbed and leaves no trace:

The cream is an advanced and improved version of any other regular cream. It is an easy and fast absorbing cream that covers imperfections, gives the skin a smooth and balanced ratio between tan/sheen and it reduces redness and pores. This medical cosmetic product can even be used as a base for makeup for women who prefer to have a natural tan.

Anti-aging hand cream – product hand cream is a great way to fight with the fear of premature aging that is present within the majority of people. The reason why this phenomenon occurs is the increasing physical and mental energy which the public invests in its physical appearance, as a way to profit and survive in this dynamic era.
The skin is the mirror of beauty and health, therefore we need to constantly take care of it!