Transdermal Salcoll Collagen
The effect of collagen hydrate on the skin consists in opening corneocytes, therefore creating additional channels for transepidermal absorption. The unique feature of our product is the fact that the triple helix formation remains intact within the protein even outside of the donor’s – in this case salmon’s – body. The mechanism of action of Salcoll gel is highly complex.

In fact, the products of dissimilation of alpha I, alpha II and beta chains – i.e. peptides and amino acids, or in other words those subunits that due to their small molecular size are capable of penetrating the epidermis via extracellular route along the sebaceous channels, capillary channels and keratin deposits – are the ones that permeate into the extracellular matrix around fibroblasts. On their way, they stimulate corneocytes to increase type FGF and type TGF cytokines production.

The mechanism of transepidermal penetration of the products of triple helix disintegration has already been proven beyond dispute. The process may be confirmed by irradiating collagen prior to its application and tracking its “journey” inside the skin, as well as by means of a skin biopsy, which indicates a dramatic increase in hydroxyproline levels in the collected samples of fibroblast extracellular matrix as soon as an hour or so after its application onto the skin.

Other objective cosmetic effects of the product include extraordinary skin hydration, thickening of the epidermis, and increasing the amount of mucin and mucous substances in the papillary layer of the skin. Systematic use of Salcoll Collagen for 110-130 days leads to practically 100% elimination of the so-called “dry wrinkles” that are due to insufficient retention of moisture and lipophilic substances in the epidermis. Salcoll Collagen may stop the formation of new wrinkles due to skin ageing for long years. It optically tonifies the skin and reduces blemishes such as mimic wrinkles and the so-called “eye bags” that are not in fact wrinkles, but are due to genetic or acquired weakness of facial micro muscles. Collagen has an efficient impact on all skin types. The risk of allergic reaction to fish protein is very low, as opposed to other animal proteins.

Based on consumer surveys conducted on a vast group of users (several thousand respondents) we elaborated the following list of effects of on-skin application of the product:

- creates a moisture retaining film on the dermis surface

- releases polypeptides and amino acids to extracellular space in the dermis

- stimulates the functioning of fibroblasts and keratinocytes

- tonifies and softens the epidermis

- reduces smaller wrinkles due to skin aging

- removes entirely fines lines, the so-called “dry wrinkles” due to skin dehydration

- tonifies and hydrates the skin

- it is beneficial in most cases of acne

- supports the treatment of rosacea

- supports the treatment of cellulite

- excellent remedy for insect bites

- excellent remedy for small burns, abrasions and contusions

- excellent for treating chafed skin, bruises, the beginnings of pressure ulcers or bedsores

- removes the symptoms of most nail diseases

- removes heel spur

- reduces ridges in nails

- eliminates blackheads

- fades liver spots and pigmented nevi or birthmarks

- reduces skin reactivity

- supports the treatment of varicose veins in calf muscles

- softens the edges of old scars and smoothens recent scars

- supports the treatment of skin allergies

- slows down the widening of capillaries and the appearance of spider veins

- eliminates trophic changes in the skin

- excellent after all plastic surgeries or treatments

- excellent for restoring the skin to its natural state after invasive exfoliating treatments