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Salcoll Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Serum Anti Aging Wrinkle Skin Care


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It is an intelligent and multifunctional serum that contains excellent and highly condensed active ingredients essential to maintaining young skin for many years. A revolutionary formula for optimal hyaluronic acid replenishment on a daily basis with three advanced active substances. It provides you with an immediate feeling of silky skin and optical smoothness. 

Suitable for all skin types of any age with signs of dryness, tightness, and loss of firmness. Particularly recommended for skin requiring intense hydration, improvement of tension, and elasticity. The formulation uses a combination of hyaluronic acid with the highest concentration of 1.6%, which corresponds to 20 injections. 

Active ingredients:

 • Collagen: Isolated from fish skins in helix form. It is a group of peptides that, by penetrating the epidermal barrier, stimulate fibroblasts to produce systemic collagen. Together with other components of the matrix, it forms an elastic grid in the dermis, which makes the skin elastic and firm, binds water, and is decisive for the condition of the connective tissue. At the molecular level, it is characterized by transdermal action and a structural make-up almost identical to human collagen; 

• Hyaluronic acid: Together with collagen fibres, it provides the skin with elasticity, firmness, and density. The smallest, most effective, fastest-acting molecule that we used can bind up to 40 times more water than it weighs. In addition to its hygroscopic properties, it acts as a carrier that facilitates the penetration of nutrients deep into the skin. 

• Chitosan hydrogel: patented ChitoVelum® formula; This bioactive ingredient that is equivalent to hyaluronic acid shows double activity in the skin by binding water strongly, moisturizes the skin and protects it from water loss, regenerates it, creates a protective film and acts as a second skin, 

• ChitoVelum® can be applied to even the most sensitive skin, providing it with proper hydration and forming a unique protective film on it, which acts long after product application. 

• Chenopodium quinoa seed extract: It is an antioxidant, which neutralises free radicals and supports collagen synthesis. As a result, it slows down the skin ageing process caused, for example, by UV radiation. It improves the firmness and tone of the skin. It moisturises, softens and regenerates the protective barrier of the skin. It has a lifting effect. 


o It prevents and counteracts the depletion of the hyaluronic acid o It reduces discolourations and the visibility of wrinkles 

o It makes the skin look healthy, energised and wonderfully radiant 

o It reduces skin reactivity and redness 

o It improves the skin’s self-repair properties 

o It has a lifting effect o It is an antioxidant shield for the skin, protecting it against UVA and UVB rays and smog 

Instructions for use: Apply 2 to 6 drops once daily to your face and neck. The product may be used alone or before applying the cream.

Salcoll Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Serum Anti Aging Wrinkle Skin Care

Salcoll Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Serum Anti Aging Wrinkle Skin Care