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SALCOLL COLLAGEN Makeup Remover - Marine Collagen with Vitamin F - Gentle & Effective Neck, Face & Eye Makeup Remover - Hydrates, Restores, Nourishes Skin - Hypoallergenic, For All Skin Types - 120 ml

· REMOVES ALL KINDS OF MAKEUP – Salcoll Collagen Makeup Remover is a very effective makeup remover that removes all sorts of cosmetic products from your skin, even that stubborn waterproof mascara & hard-to-come-off foundation

· BENEFITS OF PURE COLLAGEN – Few things benefit your skin better than a dose of pure marine collagen - This makeup remover uses the highest-grade marine collagen as its base – Collagen repairs, restores & revitalizes your skin to flawlessness

· HYPOALLERGENIC, ALL NATURAL – Salcoll Collagen Makeup Remover is among a select few neck, face & eye makeup removers that are all-natural – Our proprietary formulation is gentle & hypoallergenic, perfectly suitable for all skin types

· SOOTHES, NOURISHES & HYDRATES SKIN – This isn’t just a plain old makeup remover – Collagen strengthened by vitamin F & pearl powder soothes & nourishes your skin amply, while providing deep-skin moisturization for smooth texture

· NO MORE WRINKLES & FINE LINES – Marine collagen promotes the production of natural collagen to help you reduce wrinkles, fine lines, sunburns & age spots– Uniformly tightens & lighten skin – Click ‘Add to Cart’ to order today

Stuck with Stubborn Makeup?

Makeup is indispensable for many women – there’s just no getting around it. From a soft touch of foundation & concealer to heavy-duty use of mascara & lip-liners, there’s a ton of variety that women prefer. But all of those come with a common underlying problem – cosmetic products are difficult to come off your skin.

But there’ a better way - Regardless of your skin type, Salcoll Collagen Makeup Remover is just the right kind of neck, face & eye makeup remover for you.

Removes All Makeup without Hassle

With Salcoll Collagen Makeup Remover, you can finally say no to guess-work. It removes any & every kind of makeup, even waterproof cosmetics.

Rich Benefits of Collagen & Vitamin F

This neck, face & eye makeup remover is marine collagen based (enhanced by vitamin F & pearl powder) & brings all the benefits of collagen to you. It’s much more than just a makeup remover because it,

- Restores, repairs & rejuvenates your skin,

- Provides deep-skin moisturization to maintain skin elasticity & texture,

- Helps you minimize wrinkles, fine lines & age spots,

- Heals rashes, soothes irritation/sunburns, absorbs sebum,

- Boosts the production of natural collagen,

- Lightens skin complexion & tightens saggy skin,

- Helps you reduce allergy risks with its anti-bacterial properties.

This simple makeup remover is all-natural & we’ve carefully formulated it to be hypoallergenic. It’s very gentle & perfectly suitable for all skin types – even the most sensitive ones.

Dabble in your kind of makeup all you want – just make sure you’ve got Salcoll Collagen Makeup Remover to take care of your skin afterward!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review